Biometric Update: Hackers Beware: Passive Biometrics is Turning the Tables on Cybercrime

October 17, 2018 — Say goodbye to passwords. Passive biometrics and behavioural analytics are changing the way users are verified online. 


This Halloween, monsters aren’t the only ones out to get you.

Robert Capps, VP at NuData, in his latest article talks about the inadequacy of passwords in authentication and how they no longer create a barrier against fraud due to their weakness. No matter how creative we think they are.

However, with the rise of cutting-edge technologies like passive biometrics and behavioral analytics, these systems help solve the issue by authenticating users based on their personal behavior instead of weak credentials. By using hundreds of data points that cannot be replicated by anyone else, passive biometrics helps build trust between companies and customers.

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“Multi-layered solutions that include passive biometrics and behavioral analytics are designed to increase trust, not only between customers and organizations, but also between employees and employers”.