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NuData Security Included in Industry Analyst Reports by Gartner for Fraud Detection

August 30, 2016 NuData Security Included in Industry Analyst Reports by Gartner for Fraud Detection

Company’s Behavioral Biometrics-Based Solution Offers Multimodal User Authentication to Prevent Online Fraud

 VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — NuData Security today announced their recent inclusion in multiple analyst reports from Gartner Inc., which the company believes demonstrates its strong industry position. By analyzing 80 billion behaviors annually, NuData harnesses the power of behavioral and biometric analysis, enabling its clients to verify users before a critical decision point, stop automation, reduce customer insult and investigate bad actors efficiently.

According to Gartner analyst Ant Allan’s research note, Technology Insight for Biometric Authentication, organizations should “choose tools that can confirm that the biometric trait is being presented by a living person (‘liveliness testing’) when trust or accountability is a key selection criteria.” Allan also notes, “A particular benefit of biometric methods is that they can provide greater accountability than other orthodox methods, because biometric traits cannot be easily shared with others.” NuData Security is listed as a provider of multimodal (using two or more distinct traits) biometric authentication.

The company has also been referenced in the following documents:

NuData was cited in the research note, How Card Acceptors Can Protect Against the New Wave of Card Fraud. NuData was listed as a Sample Vendor in the Fraud Detection category which has a “Benefit Rating” of “High” and “Maturity” rating of “Mature mainstream” in the following Hype Cycle reports:

  • Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2016
  • Hype Cycle for Digital Government Technology, 2016
  • Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce, 2016
  • Hype Cycle for Risk Management Solutions, 2016


In addition, the company has been referenced by Gartner in three unique research documents in the past 12 months: Best Practices & Success Stories for User Behavior Analytics

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