Consumers’ Research — Biometrics from the Sci-Fi Big Screen to EVERY Small Screen

Biometrics: From The Sci-Fi Big Screen to EVERY Small Screen
Featuring Ryan Wilk, Director of Customer Success.

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November 14, 2014 — The 2014 Money 20/20 conference held in Las Vegas from November 2 – 5th welcomed over a thousand companies vying for the attention of the 7,000 plus attendees in order to introduce them to new innovations being developed to give consumers more control and protection of their finances. Many of such products were software innovations for online financial security, as well as methods to reduce friction.

A recent survey conducted by SmartMetric reflects a growing reluctance among consumers to use credit cards due to mounting incidences of financial fraud and retailer hacks. However, this hesitation comes at a time of high demand for usability and accessibility for electronic and financial goods. For example Apple, known for its user-friendly products, famously had its iCloud hacked leaking numerous of its famous clienteles’ private photos. Representatives of the company confirm the leak could have been prevented using the two-part authentication system available on the iPhone, but many users either don’t know such a system is available or don’t want the extra hassle of tighter security. The high publicity of hacks including Home Depot and JP Morgan Chase have heightened concern among consumers which in turn has urged companies to develop security measures that reduce online vulnerability in an increasingly digital age while maintaining a ease of use.
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