NuData Corporate Overview 2017 CoverCorporate Overview

Interested in learning how NuData Security achieves greater security without sacrificing the user experience? Our corporate overview covers the essentials:

  • Know who to trust with behavioral biometrics
  • 4 integrated technologies for unparalleled accuracy
  • How NuDetect works
  • Beat fraud earlier with machine learning
  • Learn how to prevent more fraud


ROI Cover

NuDetect ROI

NuDetect is getting results. Check out these four client snapshots from the eCommerce vertical. From reduced friction and increased sales, to cart abandonment reduction and ATO reduction, NuDetect delivers a measurable return on investment (ROI).


Breach fear and what to do about it

White Paper: Breach Fear and What To Do About It

Download this complimentary white paper for an in-depth understanding of account takeover and new account fraud in the era of prolific data breaches.

This white paper was written by Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success at NuData Security in May 2016.




Network World Unspoofable Article

Network World Article – NuData Adds ‘Unspoofable’ Dimensions to the Identity Process

This article by Network World discusses how NuData helps its clients become unspoofable in identity verification. This article was released on September 8, 2016.

Read the full Network World article here.





The art of authentication

The Art of Authentication – What route do you choose?

Learn about the biometrics debate: physical attributes vs. behavioural patterns.

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Case Study F10 Company NuData

Good User Verification Case Study

Fortune 10 E-Commerce Company Reduces False Positives with User Behavior Analytics.

Download this case study to learn about how a global leader and Fortune 10 E-commerce company improves user experience with user behavioral analytics.

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Who’s Playing Who?Security Online Gaming Article

This article was published in Cyber Spotlight’s Securing Online Gaming issue in October 2015.

Find out how a deep understanding of behavioral biometrics can answer the secret to securing online gaming.

  • Has the player had their account hijacked and is someone playing with their funds, characters or inventory?
  • Does one player hold multiple accounts? Are they sharing accounts?
  • Has a customer with past gaming difficulties created a new persona?

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Ripple Effect Article Information AgeThe Ripple Effect of Identity Theft

This article is written by Ryan Wilk and published by InformationAge.

What do hackers do with the data they have stolen? And more importantly, how can organizations prevent it from happening in the first place?

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Fastest Growing NuData Security SpreadUser Behavioral Analytics combined with Biometrics and Machine Learning

NuData Security’s feature article for 20 fastest growing security companies 2015.

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