SIM Swap Fraud: How this 90s technology has stood the test of time

The early 1990s was a time of boy bands, neon windbreakers and flat top haircuts. It was also the start of the dotcom boom, with the invention of the World Wide Web and the explosion in the adoption and use of internet technologies. Among those rising stars was the Subscriber Identity Module, better known as the SIM card. The introduction of the SIM card revolutionized the telecommunications industry. This tiny piece of technology was an easily removable, portable memory chip

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3 ways to avoid online travel scams after covid

Booking a vacation for the first time in a while? 3 tips to avoiding online travel scams after COVID

3 ways to avoid online travel scams after covidYou’re fully vaccinated and you feel good to travel. It’s a big moment — the moment you’ve waited for throughout the entire pandemic. In your excitement, you check your email and stumble across a deal that looks too good to be true. But hey, the travel industry is looking to make money after barely anyone went on vacation last year, right? It’s probably not that weird. So you book it. The next day you get a call from your bank

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