New Account Fraud


Application Fraud, New Account Fraud, Online Account Origination

Fraudsters use stolen credentials to create new accounts, register for loans, apply for and use reward cards, apply for online bank accounts and do a myriad of cybercrimes with these stolen identity details. NuDetect can determine if this user is behaving like a good user by assessing hundreds of behavioral signals, using machine learning, and comparing this behavior to the Trust Consortium of over 200 billion events to determine if this behavior is similar other humans in the same situation. Stop fraud before it gets started by understanding whether users are behaving like good or bad users.


  • Accurately predict good and bad new users
  • Accelerate /optimize green path customers
  • Identify red and yellow path
    Protect Against

  • Registration fraud
  • New account fraud
  • Rewards abuse
  • Customer friction

    Looking for more in-depth information on the ways that we achieve greater security without sacrificing the user experience? Check out our 7-minute FinovateSpring live demo here.