Success Story 7

Success Stories

New Account Fraud

A Fortune 200 global company with a large eCommerce website stops large multi-phased new account fraud attack.

Customer Type
Enterprise – Retailer

Customer Challenge
The client required broad-based protection against sophisticated automated new account fraud occurring on their eCommerce platform.

New Account Creation Fraud: 
The merchant’s fraud team identified a large-scale account creation attack. The fraudsters were going for a large volume of new account creation events. Due to the sheer volume of new accounts created, automation was immediately suspected.

Attack 1 details:

o 1,939,076 attempted account creation events logged over a 4-day period.

o 1,446,075 unique account names used.

o 100% capture rate.





High volume ATO attack (red) over 4 days


And then it happened again!

Attack 2 details:

o 5,702,038 million account creations attempted.

o 5,549,808 unique account names.

o 492,095 unique email domains.

o 195 unique IP addresses.

o 67 IP Carriers.

o 3 countries.

o 100% real-time interdiction.




High volume ATO attack (red), 2nd phase several days later


NuDetect was selected because of its advanced ability to detect sophisticated fraud schemes across multiple channels, leveraging several layered technologies that use behavioral analysis and networked consortium intelligence.

Results / Benefits
The customer was alerted early on to the fraudulent automated attack via the NuDetect dashboard and was able to provide real-time interdiction.

o Almost 8 million attempts captured thus far.

o 100% capture rate.

o Good customers were not affected.

Mitigated: Millions of potentially fraudulent transactions prevented.

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