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Manual Review
A global leader and a Fortune 10 Ecommerce company.

Customer Type
Private Ecommerce

Customer Challenge

Our client had the majority of their online fraud under control by means of an excessively large but sophisticated manual review team. Excessive volumes of transactions were being subjected to manual reviews, which slowed order fulfillment time, caused false-positive fraud decisions and increased reliance on an over-extended fraud review team. Customers would express frustration that orders would be unexpectedly declined, after they’d pressed “buy”, and confused as to the delay, resulting in lost sales.

NuDetect was implemented to give a “trust score” to each User each time they made a purchase. Users with high levels of trust would be less likely to have their purchases reviewed or flagged as fraud. NuDetect layers complementary technologies to create a trust score with unparalleled accuracy.

Results / Benefits
The customer was able to leverage NuDetect’s user behavioral biometrics to verify trusted customers. In total, 99% of all users were positively verified by NuDetect. The client used this intelligence to make more accurate fraud decisions, leading to:

Reduced manual reviews by 30%

Reduced false-positive decisions by 60%

Verified 99% of users behave non-fraudulently

Understanding that 99% of Users are acting in a non-fraudulent way meant that 99% of Users gained a consistently good user experience

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