Key Features

NuDetect Key Features


Real-time Detection and Mitigation using Behavioral Biometrics

NuDetect monitors activity in real-time, allowing you to identify bad actors early - before they can commit fraud. Predict and prevent account takeover, automation, new account fraud and more.

Machine Learning and Self Adjusting Modeling

NuDetect uses fast and scalable machine learning to understand billions of positive and negative behavior patterns dynamically, and builds intelligence profiles that are automatically adapted and updated in real-time.

Historical Contextual Awareness

NuDetect combines real-time session information with historical cross-session, cross-profile, behavior patterns stored in the NuData cloud. This provides incredible accuracy, security, and confidence from day one across all of our clients.

Invisible to Customers

NuDetect’s invisible implementation means that you can assess risk and fraud while accurately identifying good customers early without disrupting user experience; giving you the ability present threat-appropriate security countermeasures and green-path your high value customers.

Situational Context

Customized passive biometric sensors identify core interactions that are specific to your unique security requirements and provide contextual behavioral intelligence targeted to the way that you do business.

Adaptive Countermeasures

Suspicious actors are challenged with threat-appropriate countermeasures not only designed to impede or stop a suspect but to provide further intelligence on the intent of the suspect for investigation.

Decrease Customer Abandonment

Comprehensive profiles ensure that you do not deploy unnecessary countermeasures against your most valuable customers, reducing friction and providing you with options to white-glove favoured customers.

Trigger Alerts and Countermeasures

You can control the levels of alerts and what types of interdiction those alerts can trigger. NuDetect empowers you to decide if you wish to act, how you wish to act, and when you wish to act.

Actionable Intelligence

NuDetect attributes a unique score to every user interaction. A customized risk model provides actionable intelligence, specific to your business.

Proven Scalability

NuDetect scales on demand for the largest of e-commerce and finserv organizations effortlessly meeting volumetric needs for the holiday season.

Rapid Deployment

NuDetect can be deployed as an on-premise solution or alternatively as a fully cloud based service which requires minimal software customisation to your web-layer. We ensure rapid deployment from POC to production in days rather than months.

Complementary Solution

NuDetect complements and augments rather than replaces your existing fraud strategy with invisible multi-layered passive behavioral biometrics. NuData Security partners with industry leaders to provide best-in-breed solutions that offer great user experience and identifies bad human actors and automation before they do harm.

Omnichannel Strategy

As a single fraud strategy, NuDetect is applicable not just for your web applications but mobile as well (iOS, Android, Windows).