Yahoo! News: Hackers may be able to copy your fingerprints from peace sign selfies

January 12, 2017 — Hackers may be able to copy your fingerprints from peace sign selfies

NuData’s Robert Capps comments on how easily our biometric data can be lifted. This Yahoo! News article covers how peace sign selfies could let hackers copy your fingerprints.

Posing for a picture while holding your fingers up in a peace sign may be the in-thing for celebrities and millennials but it could leave you open to being hacked.

Researchers at the National Institute of Informatics (NII) in Japan have discovered that fingerprints can actually be recreated from photos taken up to three metres away.

Alarmingly, hackers wouldn’t even need advanced technology as long as the picture is clear and well lit.

And with your fingerprints on their files, fraudsters can go on to access sensitive and personal information by using them to open phones and tablets.

Unlike passwords, biometric security like fingerprints are much more difficult to change – making us susceptible to fraud for our entire lives.

Robert Capps, from biometrics company NuData Security, explained: “We shed physical biometric data wherever we go, leaving fingerprints on everything we touch, posting selfies on social media, and videos with friends and family.

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