The Telegraph: Peace sign selfies could let hackers copy your fingerprints

January 12, 2017 — Peace sign selfies could let hackers copy your fingerprints

NuData’s Robert Capps comments on how easily our biometric data can be lifted. This The Telegraph article covers how peace sign selfies could let hackers copy your fingerprints.

Most people are aware they shouldn’t post sensitive and personally identifying information on social media, such as a letter with their address or a plane ticket, as they could be used by scammers. And they most certainly wouldn’t publicly share their passwords.

Sharing pictures, however, is something everyone is comfortable with. But research has revealed that these can also be used to glean telling information. Posing for a picture while holding your hands up in a peace sign could pose a security threat, with hackers able to recreate prints that are the key to phones, computers and tablets.

Unlike passwords, biometrics cannot be easily changed, prompting fears over the safety of people’s personal data.

“We shed physical biometric data wherever we go, leaving fingerprints on everything we touch, posting selfies on social media, and videos with friends and family. Much of this information can then be captured by fraudsters,” said Robert Capps, from biometrics company NuData Security.

“Once biometric data is stolen and resold on the Dark Web, the risk of inappropriate access to a user’s accounts and identity will persist for that person’s lifetime.”

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