The Telegraph: HSBC online banking failure

January 29, 2016 — HSBC online banking failure: What you need to know

In the wake of the DDoS attack against HSBC, Robert Capps spoke to the risks to consumer data during these attacks.

A denial of service attack isn’t meant to target customers’ data or steal money. It’s aimed at undermining the reputation of the bank and damaging customer confidence.

Security expert Robert Capps, vice-president of business development at NuData Security, said customers’ accounts are rarely affected by these attacks.

“It’s incredibly important to understand that Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS) are not direct attacks on the accounts at financial institutions, they are attacks on the public image and consumer good will towards those institutions.

“They are meant to harass, intimidate and embarrass a targeted institution, but the DDoS attacks rarely result in any last lasting impact on individual accounts at an institution.”

The bank said no customers’ data had been compromised and said they had “successfully defended” the attack.

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