The Silicon Review: User Behavioral Analytics combined with Biometrics and Machine Learning: NuData Security

October 8, 2015 — User Behavioral Analytics combined with Biometrics and Machine Learning: NuData Security

NuData Security predicts fraudulent transactions by identifying good users from bad based on their online behavior. By studying over 20 billion behaviors annually, NuData harnesses the power of behavioral and biometric analysis, enabling clients to predict fraud with 99% accuracy, allowing them to predict fraud before a critical decision, reduce customer insults, and investigate bad actors efficiently.

As the number of data breaches increases – fueled by malware, automated attacks and other scams – identity theft and fraudulent account creation are on the rise. To fight this trend, companies need an enhanced method to protect themselves and their valued customers. Many organizations try the traditional approach to fraud prevention – but these tighter, rules-based systems give rise to new risks and result in rejecting orders placed by good users, losing customer trust and their money due to what’s called in the business “customer insult”, a false positive fraud decision.
NuData Security’s solution allows businesses to improve the experience for good users by removing higher friction security controls and reducing impact to the customer even if their personally identifiable information is in the wrong hands. The product predicts and prevents online fraud, protecting businesses from brand damage and financial loss caused by fraudulent or malicious attacks.

Understanding user behavior in the online world
NuData Security focuses on user behavior and dedication to accuracy achieved through a number of layers working together such as DeviceID, Connection, Geolocation, Behavioral Biometrics, and Behavioral Analytics.

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