Security Week: 50 million PII Records of Turkish Citizens Posted Online

April 5 — 50 million PII Records of Turkish Citizens Posted Online

Hackers have dumped a database apparently containing personal details of almost 50 million Turkish citizens. The details were posted to an Icelandic organization that specializes in such data dumps. According to SecurityWeek’s research, the server is hosted in Bucharest, Romania. Robert Capps, VP of Business Development at NuData Security, responds.

But while dumping the data might be political, that doesn’t mean the original reason for the hack was political. We don’t know how long the hackers had the database before going public, nor do we know how many bad actors now have all of this personal data. While the dump might be political, the hack might have been simply financially-motivated criminality.

As Robert Capps, VP of Business Development at NuData Security, comments, “The real collateral damage will be to the millions of Turkish citizens who have had their identity compromised. In most cases, the most common result of such a breach is fraudulent account creation or existing consumer account takeover, something we have seen borne out year after year among our clients. Of the last billion account creations we analyzed, more than 50% were identified as illegitimate and/or fraudulent. With the level of information released in the recent Turkish breach, criminals have solid profiles on individuals that can be used to create new bank accounts, access existing accounts, or acquire false Government issued identification documents in order to perpetuate all manners of maleficence, including financial crimes and terrorism.”

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