SC Magazine: Devalue data, deter cybercriminals

April 1 — Devalue data, deter cybercriminals

Robert Capps, VP of Business Development at NuData Security comments on this SC Magazine article. Enterprises can better defend valuables by making data more difficult to access and less attractive to intruders.

Many cybersecurity pros recommend employing behavior analytics as an authentication method that can increase the cost of stealing info by creating more obstacles for cybercriminals to duplicate.

Organizations should look for ways to make their data that can be stolen useless without additional context and information, says Robert Capps, VP of business development at Nudata.

“Effectively, observing subtle signals generated by consumer interaction with the digital world around them allows you to identify the actual human behind the device, versus the current status quo of verifying static identifiers,” Capps says.

Behavior analytics also has the benefit of being invisible to the end-user – and to the fraudster trying to circumvent such protections, he explains. “While encryption and multifactor authentication have their place in user authentication, they aren’t generally user-friendly and they present significant friction to legitimate transactions.”

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