SC Magazine: 93.4 million Mexican voters exposed in massive database leak

April 26 — 93.4 million Mexican voters exposed in massive database leak

Lisa Baergen, Director at NuData Security, comments on the the Mexican voters database leak this week.

All of Mexico’s voters have had their personal information leaked online.

The details of 93.4 million voters, the entire voting age population of Mexico and 73 percent, the large majority of Mexico’s 119 million citizens, were exposed online late last week.

The leak was spotted by Chris Vickery, a security researcher at MacKeeper, who first saw it on the morning of April 14th. He “My initial reaction was to google some of the addresses in the database and figure out which country it belonged to. All of them turned up in Mexico, so I was fairly certain it was a Mexican citizen registration database of some sort.”

The tranche includes a host of personally identifiable information like addresses, dates of birth, voter registration numbers and names along with the names of family members.

Lisa Baergen, director at NuData Security told SC that “while no pictures or financial information were included, it is more than enough for fraudsters (or really anyone with access to the Web) to use maliciously. With this level of information, criminals have solid profiles that can be used to create new bank accounts, access existing accounts and so much more.” According to Baergen, of the last billion accounts that NuData Security analysed, over half were illegitimate or fraudulent.


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