Payments Source: Behavioral Analysis Can Ease Mobile Security Fears

October 16, 2015 — Behavioral Analysis Can Ease Mobile Security Fears

Ryan Wilk, NuData Security Director of Customer Success explains how behavioral analysis can ease mobile security fears in this Payments Source article.

As mobility has become embedded in the world’s cultures, issuers are feeling the heat to create their own mobile apps, but in an era of non-top data breaches and increasing identity theft, security fears abound.

Due to the way that mobile apps are currently configured, they store many and varied credit card details – hence the concerns about security. Behavioral analysis is the key to allaying these concerns.

These valid concerns include loss of privacy, loss of security around financial transactions, data loss and the perception of insecurity. Legitimate applications passing user data to other applications or third parties in an unauthorized manner is gaining more attention in the public arena – as it should. In addition, a possible drawback to the mobile wallet and secure element solution is that a single pin unlocks all of the accounts stored in the wallet, resulting in much greater exposure.

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