Payments Journal: A New Weapon in the Fight Against Identity Theft

August 10, 2015 — A New Weapon in the Fight Against Identity Theft

Find out what Ryan Wilk, our Director of Customer Success, has to say about a new weapon in the fight against identity theft, featured today in Payments Journal.

Our society may have hit the saturation point when it comes to ongoing news about data breaches. Large organizations seem to lose a lot of money, but the average consumer just changes their passwords and gets issued a new credit card. Many end up with a year or two of free credit monitoring, so all seems well. Back to life as usual.

If only that were the whole story. The missing piece is that all the data from all those breaches can add up to a mighty weapon that’s impossible to trace and potentially devastating to individuals. It’s a relatively new phenomenon that’s forcing the industry to rethink Internet security.

The millions of data records that were compromised just last year are comprised of incredibly detailed personal data such as a person’s Social Security number…

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