IT Briefcase: Feature Article by Ryan Wilk

February 25, 2015 – IT Briefcase: Want Better Online Fraud Protection? Delve into the Subconscious

by Ryan Wilk

NuData Security’s Director of Customer Success Ryan Wilk was featured on IT Briefcase, speaking to the needs of IT departments who must protect against account takeover attempts.

Cyber criminals are increasingly sophisticated at creating new ways to steal data. They are often specifically looking for credit card numbers that can be reused on other e-commerce sites or sold to the highest black market bidder. While dealing in stolen financial data is still a moneymaker, we are seeing a shift in the value of another commodity: usernames and passwords. Because many people use the same credentials across multiple Web accounts, a cascading effect occurs if a hacker gets hold of those credentials. Suddenly, all those accounts can be accessed – including email accounts, if those credentials work for email as well.

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