isBuzz: Survey Shows Young UK Adults Lack Cyber Security Awareness

February 24, 2018 — Survey Shows Young UK Adults Lack Cyber Security Awareness

Lisa Baergen, Director at NuData, comments on a report issued yesterday by Information Security Buzz News disclosing that over half (52%) of Brits aged 18-25 use the same password for multiple online services, making it easier for their accounts to be hacked. It also shows that people send highly sensitive data via e-mail and other accounts, with over three quarters (79%) of all respondents of all ages saying they have used messaging systems to send copies of driving licences and passports, and bank details.

Our data is the currency that bad actors use for identity theft. This tsunami of stolen information is the driver behind identity theft that has already reached epidemic proportions. Bad actors have obliterated traditional security methods and are now employing machine learning and automation to steal information and impersonate real customers. All of this points to a much-needed paradigm shift in how we think about authentication.

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