Invision Game Community: NISAmerica Customers Personal and Financial Data Been Breached

March 6, 2018 — NISAmerica Customers Personal and Financial Data Been Breached

Ryan Wilk, VP at NuData, comments on a report issued yesterday by Invision Game Community disclosing that Japanese gaming developer Nippon Ichi Software revealed its American arm, NIS America, has suffered a major data breach compromising the personal and financial data of online customers. Hackers managed to access customers’ payment card details and address information for any new orders placed and paid via credit card during this time frame.

Data in the wrong hands – especially payment card information – can have a huge impact on customers, far beyond the unauthorised use of their cards. Credit card information, combined with other user data from other breaches and social media, builds a complete profile. In the hands of fraudsters and criminal organisations, these valuable identity sets are usually sold to other cybercriminals and used for myriad criminal activities, both on the Internet and in the physical world. Using these real identities, and sometimes fake identities with valid credentials, they’ll take over accounts, apply for loans, and much more. Every hack has a snowball effect that far outlasts the initial breach.

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