Infotech Spotlight: The Big One: Protecting Good Users in a Hackable World

July 5 — The Big One: Protecting Good Users in a Hackable World

If you’re a big retailer or bank relying on customers to pound down the door demanding that you beef up your security, you’re most likely just hearing a faint whispering from the small few who raise their voices. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook though. Customers may be oblivious about your security measures, but they do care that you have them and will take their business elsewhere if they get a whiff that you’re not protecting them.

On that note, while hacks like this might be a nightmare, let’s back up a little. In order for this entirely plausible hack to occur, first there were malware, Ransomware, intrusions, and lurking. Lots of lurking. Each instance of potential hacking in the article stems from a real-life example that has occurred in the past several years. A cyber attack on a fictional hospital, for instance, is inspired by a Los Angeles hospital that paid about $17,000 to Russian hackers to get back into their system. Tales of malware and Ransomware attacks are interwoven with blocked elevators and city office buildings brought to a standstill in an almost apocalyptic cyber attack.

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