InfoTECH Spotlight: Putting 2014 — The Year of the Breach — Into Context

February 26, 2015InfoTECH Spotlight: Putting 2014, ‘The Year of the Breach,’ into Context

by Ryan Wilk

Director of Customer Success for NuData Security, Ryan Wilk, stopped by the InfoTECH Spotlight blog to put last year’s security breaches into sharp perspective: how big, how bad, and how much each record goes on the black market.

The Identity Theft Resource Center reports that there were 783 data breaches in 2014, up 27.5 percent over 2013. These attacks are increasing in number and in collateral damage. Think of all the sensitive data (credit card and Social Security numbers, passwords, emails etc.) that fell into the hands of cyber criminals. These breaches are costlier than ever before, as well. On average, a data breach cost a U.S. company $195 per record last year.

With an average of more than two breaches occurring every day, the headlines begin to sound like an overwhelming, broken record. To take these huge numbers out of the abstract and give the breaches some context, they will be compared to human populations.

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