InfoSecurity Products Guide: 2016 Security Predictions and Directions

January 25, 2016 — 2016 Security Predictions and Directions

Ryan Wilk, NuData Security VP of Customer Success chimes in on 2016 Security Predictions and Direction: InfoSecurity Products Guide.

As we continue to see the shift away from traditional web based computing, and the large-scale consumer adoption of mobile, traditional device and PII-based risk prevention techniques will become less effective.

The problem is that mobile devices do not offer the same level identification as PCs, and the push for ease of use in the mobile space is requiring risk decisions to be made with far less data. Online fraud is a nine-billion-dollar a year problem, and on top of that ecommerce false positives are a hundred-billion-dollar a year problem. With cyber criminals continually getting better at gaming the system, risk leaders will need to find a new way to both identify their valued customers and identify those who present risk.

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