Information Security Buzz: New Marcher Android Banking Malware

June 27, 2017 — New Marcher Android Banking Malware

With reports of the New Android Marcher Variant Posing as Adobe Flash Player Update and stealing users’ financial information such as online banking credentials and credit card details, IT security experts comment.

This latest instance of phishing-style malware is a good reminder to consumers to not trust third-party sites, and to go to their phones’ app store or vendors’ sites for apps and updates. Just as consumers have learned to not accept unsolicited phone calls and emails from banks, the same applies to software downloads. These phishing schemes are all about capturing data. At the core, these schemes look to steal users’ authentication credentials and other sensitive information.

“Any company using authentication needs to move toward newer and more secure techniques such as passive biometrics and behavioral analytics that can determine if the expected human user is accessing and transacting on the account– effectively negating the value of these types of phishing schemes and malware.

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