Info Security Buzz: ATMs Facing Potential Cyber Threat With Biometric Skimmers

September 29, 2016 — ATMs Facing Potential Cyber Threat With Biometric Skimmers

Robert Capps, VP at NuData, reacts to Kaspersky Labs comments that cybercriminals see biometrics as a new opportunity to steal sensitive information.

We couldn’t agree more with Kaspersky Lab’s comments around the importance of protecting your physical biometric data from theft and misuse. Although the security world is desperate for new and improved authentication techniques, Olga Kochetova is absolutely right that physical biometrics have the added persistent risk of lifetime vulnerability attached to the method that other authentication methods simply do not have.

Fingerprints, irises and faces cannot be changed, but can easily be reused in a non-face-to-face authentication. How better to illustrate this example than a WikiHow step-by-step guide on how make fake fingerprints. As Kaspersky correctly states, facial recognition can be spoofed from social media, and it won’t be long until retinal skimmers are recording your eyes. If physical biometric authentication becomes widespread online, the skimming of physical biometric data will become big business – with far greater impact to consumers.

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