SC Media: India’s 1.2 billion citizen national database reportedly breached

January 8, 2018 — India’s 1.2 billion citizen national database reportedly breached

Lisa Baergen, director at NuData, comments on a report issued yesterday by SC Media, that 1.2 billion citizen national database was reportedly breached

India’s national ID database containing the information of nearly 1.2 billion people was breached with cyber-criminals selling access to the information for US$ 8 (£6), though officials deny the extent of the incident.

On 3 January, 2018, The Indian Tribune claimed to have purchased access to the stolen information containing the names, addresses, dates of birth, mobile numbers, all ten fingerprints, and iris scans of the country’s citizens. India started collecting the information into a centralised government database called Aadhaar to create a voluntary identity system in 2010.

“The UIDAI have suggested that no biometric data was accessed, but even so, the amount of PII that has been accessed provides a healthy pipeline for future cyber-criminals,” Lisa Baergen, director at NuData Security told SC Media. “In future, organisations should take more stringent security measures in protecting PII, including passive biometrics and two factor authentication.”

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