CBS News: Ho ho oh no: How malware hijacks holiday shopping

December 7, 2017 — Ho ho oh no: How malware hijacks holiday shopping

Ryan Wilk, VP at NuData, comments on this CBS article, covering how malware hijacks holiday shopping.

Online shoppers this holiday season may be getting more than they bargained for: Alongside gadgets, clothes and stocking stuffers, many are picking up invasive computer viruses.

Malware infections spiked by almost 124 percent from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, according to data from Clearwater, Florida-based Enigma Software, which sells SpyHunter antimalware software. That’s on top of a doubling of infections during the same period last year. The cities with the biggest spikes were Charlotte, Detroit, New York and Salt Lake City.

Scammers are moving opportunistically to profit from a period during which consumers are particularly vulnerable: An influx of novice online shoppers starts scouring for deals, online shopping hits its annual peak and retailers aim to make it as easy as possible for customers to close the deal.

At the same time, retailers are hesitant to do anything that could slow sales during such a critical period for their bottom lines, said Ryan Wilk, a vice president at Mastercard-owned NuData Security.

“Bad actors know that retailers are much more cautious about creating any type of friction this time of year as sales generated over Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the general run-up to Christmas can make or break a retailer’s year,” he said in an email.

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