FinTech Finance: Best AntiFraud Solution Awarded to NuData Security

June 9 — Best AntiFraud Solution Awarded to NuData Security

Customer Identity Validation and Fraud Detection Company Lauded With “Judges’ Choice” Award at CNP Expo 2016

NuData Security today announced that it took top honors for best antifraud solution at this year’s CNP Expo. awarded the company “Judges’ Choice” winner at its ceremony in Orlando, Fla., lauding the company for its dedication to protecting the customer experience while also identifying and detecting fraud. NuData Security uses a combination of real-time predictive behavioral analytics, passive biometrics and a non-PII behavioral network effect across the entire customer base to identify good and bad online users. NuData Security’s NuDetect platform enables its clients to:

  • Identify and eliminate bad behavior: The NuDetect cloud holds billions of known behavior patterns and its risk model can be customized for each client.
  • Protect against automated account creation and account takeover: Automated account creation is often a precursor to fraudulent activity such as credit card cycling and identity theft. Account takeover fraud is a fast growing form of identity theft.
  • Avoid impact to the customer experience: Invisible implementation and having an accurate knowledge of how your organization’s customers usually act allows for a smoother user experience resulting in high conversion rates and levels of satisfaction.

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