isBuzz News: Dropbox Is Using A Mobile App To Authenticate Customers

August 15, 2017 — Dropbox Is Using A Mobile App To Authenticate Customers

Lisa Baergen, Director at NuData Security, comments on DropboxK’s announcement that it is introducing a new authentication system that will allow customers to use their Dropbox mobile app to verify their identity.

More companies are working to evolve authentication in an effort to make it more secure, while assuring convenience for consumers. In this dynamic, digital-first world, companies will have to continue to develop more online authentication solutions to stay competitive and cut down on fraud. It is a tough challenge to ensure security, especially on mobile devices where cyber criminals are probing for vulnerabilities through applications, sign-ins, texts, email and more to compromise the user’s identity and take over their accounts. While one approach to authentication is a good start, all Smartphones should incorporate a multi-layered security approach using the intelligence of the user’s natural behaviours – that can’t be stolen or mimicked.

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