Disruptive Views: Biometrics alone will not win the fight against fraud

March 17 — Biometrics alone will not win the fight against fraud

NuData’s Ryan Wilk, VP of Customer Success, is interviewed by Disruptive Views: Biometrics is not enough in the fight against fraud

DisruptiveViews (DV): Ryan, thank you for talking to us today, perhaps you could start with a little background about your approach to biometrics and fraud.

RW: Absolutely. It is important to say that we are talking about passive biometrics, and what we do is help banks and ecommerce companies really understand their customers behaviour. The problem is that with the amount of data out there, and the variety of it, the information becomes more and more difficult to manage, more dangerous. For instance, in the Office of Personnel hack last year, the perpetrators stole a large number of fingerprints as well as everything else.

What we did was take a look beyond the one touch point approach and ask the question, ‘who is the person sitting behind the machine, who is the person reacting with your environment?’ We brought together the behaviour and identity of that user and the multiple different layers of information that make up that user. We work on passive biometrics to work out how the person is reacting with the machine. This means how they type, if they use their right hand, left hand, how they hold their device, do they type with one thumb or two. Then we aggregate that information, so when there is a return user you can go back and see if it really is who they say it is when they enter username and password.

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