Digital Forensics Magazine: Britons place trust in banks to provide biometric services

September 19, 2016 — Britons place trust in banks to provide biometric services

According to a new survey from Visa, Brits have more faith in their banks than government agencies to roll out authentication technologies based on biometrics. Robert Capps, VP at NuData, comments on this article.

Visa has conducted extensive research into consumer attitudes to biometric payments.The results show that Britons place trust in their banks to provide biometric services.

“This study establishes that there is a strong desire on the part of consumers to have a secure user experience when interacting and transacting online. The desire, may not align with the reality of the situation. Physical biometrics such as fingerprints, selfies and voice authentication aren’t fool proof, and there are challenges that may block widespread adoption in non-face-to-face interactions.

The fact that 85% of respondents see banks as the most trusted institution in the provision of biometric authentication isn’t surprising, given that they are part of the authentication lexicon, and solutions such as Apple’s Touch ID have given consumers a glimmer of the future of biometrics, while delivering outstanding user experience.

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