Dark Reading: Behavioral Biometrics On The Rise

April 23, 2015 – InformationWeek Dark Reading: Behavioral Biometrics On The Rise

NuData Security was featured in the recent article by InformationWeek’s Sara Peters featuring companies that focus on behavioral biometrics.

The goal, as NuData Security marketing director Matthew Reeves explains, is to see “what can we observe, rather than request from people.”

In addition to the biometrics, NuData builds profiles based upon what devices a user commonly authenticates from, or what locations they generally operate within; then flags anomalous behavior.

Recently NuData researchers discovered that by looking for suspicious account creation activity they could predict fraud 15 days before it would happen. Today they announced an updated dashboard to make it easier to identify these suspicious events and prevent the fraud.

For the full article, head over to InformationWeek Dark Reading here.