Cyber Security Trend: Sidestepping the Threat Posed by Breached Data

July 29 — Sidestepping the Threat Posed by Breached Data

Robert Capps, VP at NuData Security writes this Cyber Security article “Sidestepping the Threat Posed by Breached Data”.

The countless data breaches perpetrated on businesses and organizations of all sizes point to the fact that cybersecurity is, well, difficult at best. A quick look at the World’s Biggest Data Breaches provides startling visual proof of this sad fact. At the same time, change is hard for consumers. They don’t want their identity or other online information stolen, but the majority of them can’t be bothered with best practices like frequently changing their passwords.

In light of these twin challenges, organizations can feel overwhelmed or disillusioned when it comes to cybersecurity. However, there is a way for organizations to grapple with these issues and still protect their entity and their customers. Because, ultimately, it’s all about the data. As long as it’s valuable, it will be stolen.  Efforts to devalue data will be the most impactful actions an organization can take to reduce the number, scope and impact of breaches.

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