Casino Scam Report: Using Behavioral Analytics to Defeat Online Gaming Fraudsters

November 13, 2015 –Using Behavioral Analytics to Defeat Online Gaming Fraudsters

Ryan Wilk, NuData Security VP of Customer Success, discusses how UBA defeats fraud in online gaming.

What Are You Analyzing?

Online gaming sites typically analyze a game as it is played – looking at a snapshot, as it were. But there is another security layer that should be added, one that observes the players before the game starts and even across the lifetime of the player. Building complex models of behavior is the secret weapon about to sweep online security – a real game changer that will show the difference between a flesh-and-blood player and sock puppet accounts and scam artists. This is like looking at the entire photo album instead of one snapshot. Just as each person has a distinct fingerprint that helps identify him or her, each person also has unique behaviors and habits that reveal their identity. Behavior-based security looks at hundreds of signals that allow us to confidently know when we are seeing the genuine player, signals such as how they hold their device, how they type or whether they use a mouse or a track pad when playing. It is these non-identifying but wholly unique behaviors that create a player profile that can’t be spoofed.