Security Week: Breach at Fast Food Chain Sonic Could Impact Millions

September 27, 2017 — Breach at Fast Food Chain Sonic Could Impact Millions: Report

Robert Capps, VP at NuData, comments on the news of Sonic Drive-In having a data breach that may have resulted in the theft of millions of payment cards.

“Will customer loyalty be shaken? If the past as with the Wendy’s breach is prologue, then the answer is a qualified maybe, and if so, then only slightly. However, this – coupled with the tsunami of recent breaches – might just be the game changers that lead US Federal authorities to better protect the data collection, processing and storage of customer data,” said Robert W. Capps, VP of Business Development at NuData Security. “Like Wendy’s, Target and an alarming number of other major data breaches, the Sonic breach is bound to be a painful reminder that personal data is an irresistible target, no matter how diligent any company’s efforts are in data protection,” Capps added. “Until PII data is rendered worthless by advanced authentication such as passive biometrics, consumers will continue to suffer the consequences of industry and legislative inaction.”

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