Disruptor Daily: Biometrics: Will The Real Consumer Please Stand Up?

August 10, 2017 — Biometrics: Will The Real Consumer Please Stand Up?

Lisa Baergen, Director of Marketing for NuData Security, discusses the need for biometrics to identify the real user behind the device in this article for Disruptor Daily.

Recognizing and verifying customers online is one of the biggest challenges for companies around the globe. It is similar to playing blind man’s bluff with cybercriminals trying to trick you at every turn. Consumers have lost more than $16 billion to Identity theft and fraud in 2016 alone, according to Javelin Research.

The job of identity proofing and consumer authentication needs a variety of personal identifiers to allow companies to make reasonable decisions as to whether to allow certain transactions or to review or block them. The trick is to introduce more security without inconveniencing customers. Therein lies the real balancing act.

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