Biometric Update: Passive Biometrics Keep Accounts More Secure

March 31, 2015 – Biometric Update: As online fraud gets more sophisticated, passive biometrics could help keep accounts more secure.

by: David Hamilton

BioMetric Update goes through NuData Security’s latest threat intelligence report that reveals an increase in scripted attacks and a focus shift away from stolen credit card data to account takeover attempts.

Hackers are finding new ways to avoid fraud detection, and are increasingly trying to steal account login information using scripted attacks, according to a new threat intelligence report from NuData Security.

Based on data from the past 90 days, sophisticated scripted attacks aimed at getting usernames and passwords grew 112 percent compared to the same time period in 2014.

What’s especially notable is that account takeover attempts are rising and becoming the preferred method for hackers trying to hijack payment information as opposed to more easily detected credit card fraud attempts. 

NuData Security, which creates software aimed at predicting and preventing online fraud, thinks that user behavioral analysis can help online fraud detection solutions handle these more sophisticated fraud attempts by better understanding the user behind the machine.

NuData customer success director Ryan Wilk says, “We’re looking at how the user is actually interacting: how they’re typing, how they’re moving their mouse or phone, where they are using their phone, their accelerometer readings… As single data points unto themselves they’re not terribly useful, but when you start to bring them together and merge them into a profile of who that user is, you start to build out something that’s really profound and really unique, and something that’s extremely difficult to spoof.”


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