Biometric Update: Fighting organized online fraud

September 13, 2015 — Fighting organized online fraud

Biometric Update features an article, “Fighting organized online fraud”, written by NuData Security Director of Customer Success, Ryan Wilk. 

The Office of Personnel Management and IRS data breaches this year have become all-too-common headlines. However, when it comes to government breaches, the effects can be particularly devastating due to the quantity and type of data involved as well as the sheer number of people affected. In the case of the IRS, over 220,000 taxpayers had their accounts accessed and fraudulent returns filed while hackers made attempts on another 170,000 households, indicating hackers had at least partial, sensitive personal information. This was on top of the already-confirmed hacked accounts, bringing the total to over a half million taxpayers affected by or at risk from the hack.

Like many other Americans sitting down and completing their tax returns online, Michael Kasper was blocked from filing because the system had already registered a tax filing a week ago. As a security expert, Kasper shared his story and his investigation into how his account had been breached and what had happened as a result.

When he reported the issue, the IRS agreed that he was likely the victim of fraud and that the rebate was scheduled to post and could not be canceled. However, due to confidentiality regulations, the IRS was…

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