MobileIDWorld: What Are The Big Advantages of Behavioral Biometrics?

January 27, 2017 — What Are The Big Advantages of Behavioral Biometrics?

Authentication based on behavioral biometrics is easier and safer, argues NuData Security.

In a new blog post, the company makes the case that behavioral biometrics is non-intrusive for subjects, and that the behavioral profiles it establishes for users are of no value to hackers. Physical biometrics, while offering useful identity data, could be vulnerable to hackers when stored on external servers, and once compromised, assures “a lifetime of risk for the customer who is unable to alter this data”.

Of course, that could also be read as an argument for on-device storage of biometric data. But NuData argues that reliance on physical biometrics comes with other drawbacks such as requiring more effort from users in authentication, and a greater risk of spoofing.

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