SecurityWeek: Bell Canada Hit by Data Breach

January 24, 2018 — Bell Canada Hit by Data Breach

Lisa Baergen, Director at NuData, comments on a report issued today by SecurityWeek disclosing that Bell Canada has been compromised by a breach that has released the information of up to 100,000 individuals.

We all know bad actors are very talented at preparing fraud schemes with that information, such as phishing scams or dictionary attacks – where fraudsters try certain common passwords based on the user’s personal information
To avoid damage after a breach, companies that share clients with Bell can consider applying multi-layered security solutions based on passive biometrics to protect their business and their customers from account takeover of another type of fraud. Online security technologies that evaluate a user or a transaction based on their behavior and not only on their – potentially stolen – static information, thwart all fraudulent attempts that inevitably come after a data breach.
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