Reader’s Digest: 18 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Hacked

November 9, 2017 — 18 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Hacked

From infiltrating your fridge to your fave television series, hackers could even be watching you right now. Robert Capps, VP at NuData, comments.

Back in 2015, the Telegraph noted that hackers conned PlayStation and Xbox gamers out of their the private information. They made off with email addresses, passwords and IP addresses that could be used in other ways from 2.5 million accounts. Ironically some younger hackers first become interested in breaching internet security because of their involvement in competitive gaming. And in a way it can make gamers more lax in their own security measures, but that’s a risky thing to ignore. The simplest line of defense is creating unique passcodes and changing them often or gamers will be so busy trying to recover their cyber identity they won’t have time to game. “This data is likely to be sold on the dark web and used for future cyber crime,” said Robert Capps, vice president of security at NuData Security. “Keep alert to any phishing scams that may appear in email as a result of this hack, changing passwords on any site where same password or username are used.”
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