Healthcare Fraud Prevention


An industry working on protecting patient privacy

The healthcare industry is leveraging the Internet to make healthcare service convenient and accessible to users. However, the move to online services comes with an increased responsibility: protect the user’s sensitive data.

Breaches to healthcare systems and fraudulent access to healthcare accounts give cybercriminals access to extremely sensitive patient information. This stolen data is used later for fraud, including fraudulent healthcare claims and account takeover, leading to brand damage and billions of dollars in losses.

NuData helps healthcare firms protect patient information

User verification tools that look at the behavior can detect anomalous activity in a patient or admin account before a bad actor accesses the account or submits a fraudulent claim.

The NuData technology evaluates inherent patterns such as typing or device insights to make an assessment in real time at login or other placements. This prevents bad actors from accessing sensitive data, submitting a healthcare claim, or other types of fraud that take place within online user accounts.

Don't get taxed by fraudsters