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Device Intelligence

97% of all fraud comes from an anomalous device or network. Device intelligence weeds out those threats by flagging high-risk devices.

How does it work?

Device intelligence gathers hundreds of data points from the device, network, connection, and location. The real-time assessment helps recognize devices seen in the broad NuData network, which monitors billions of events every month! This information is key to create an accurate device identifier that combines the device ID, device fingerprint, and account history. Now, you can sort out that 97% of your traffic without breaking a sweat.

Why do attackers disguise their devices?

Bad actors control a large network of devices to pretend to be a new device each time they attack a company. As they deploy mass-scale attacks, they run out of new devices to use. So, they spoof those same devices to look like new ones. This is like robbing a store and returning the next day, wearing sunglasses and a wig, to steal again. When the device intelligence layer recognizes any of the parameters as linked to past fraud, it mitigates it in real time.

Also helps with: credential stuffing, credential harvesting, credential testing, account takeover, and credit card testing.