Phishing Disguised Dog

Cyber Monday and the phishing disguise that will fool your customers

How hackers virtually pose as a recognizable brand to steal from your company and your customers. Users are the weak link We all think fraud is not going to happen to us; we know better than to enter personal information on the wrong site, right? But when it comes to phishing we have to tip our hats to the hackers and their remarkable photoshopping skills for faking emails and sites that look so genuine. Yes, perhaps we could tell a

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Where Should Fraud Detection Start?

Moving the Focus from the Check-Out to Account Creation Online fraud, from the merchant’s standpoint, is concerned with somebody other than you spending your money online. As the purchaser, you have a credit card, the credit card has a secret code on the back which you only know if you possess the card. You type in your card information, your secret code, and then the retailer just needs to know if your credit card checks out. They left that task

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User Emails Lost Before Launch of CurrentC

Emails were sent out last week to an undisclosed number of beta testers for CurrentC, the MCX alternative to Apple Pay (but also any company using NFC technology like Google Wallet), advising that unauthorized third parties had obtained their email addresses. The news came days after MCX retailers pulled in-store support for other third party payment systems. Not a huge breach, to be sure, but neither a great first branding step for a group that seeks to position itself as

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