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“Combating Account Takeover in the Age of Faster, Frictionless Payments”

Combating Account Takeover


  • New payment types, including Zelle’s mobile app.
  • How improving the customer experience impacts fraud teams.
  • How NuData helped a global bank stop a major automation problem at login.

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Account Takeover

ATO Protect

Your problem is not account takeover (ATO)
It's every pre-ATO attack you are missing

Automated attacks verify credentials to find the accounts fraudsters can steal from. Fraudulent transactions, money movement, credit card fraud, rewards abuse, chargebacks... these are all consequences of an attack that could have been prevented days, weeks or months before. Instead, they leave you with:

What you see

Bird A Customer flying to a more secure environment
Bird Your customer leaving after suffering an ATO attack
Bird A Customer Flying Away to Your Customer
Reward Abuse Customer Churn
Fraudulent Purchases Increased Chargebacks
Down Arrow

Something fishy’s happening under the water!

Poke around to find out

Got it

What you don't see

Shark Fish The fish is checking what credentials from the latest data breach can open your client's accounts
Shark Fish This little fish has tried accessing your environment 213,400 times today
Shark Fish The fish is checking what credentials from the latest data breach can open your client's accounts
Shark Fish This fish has tried logging into your customers' accounts with stolen credentials from 1,387 different IPs today
Shark Fish This fish found 349 working credentials and is now waiting for the right time to take over your customer's accounts
Shark Fish The fish had a 2% success rate from a credential harvesting attack and is now selling those working credentials on the dark web.
Success Star

Success Stories

Fortune 200 retailer

Experiencing ATO losses from unknown sources

Shortly after implementation, NuData identified and mitigated pre-login attacks that were paving the way for future ATO. Even after this attack evolved and returned, NuData’s dynamic machine learning capabilities were able to identify the threat and mitigate it immediately, delivering the same +99% accuracy.

More Stories

Global F100 bank

Suffering mass-scale automated attacks testing customer accounts with stolen credentials.

Our technology interdicted over 99.9% of all automated credential testing attacks at login The bank has also seen a dramatic decrease in the overall volume of malicious credential testing as bad actors have realized this bank is no longer a good target for credential testing and account takeover.

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