Account Takeover


Account Takeover

NuDetect effortlessly detects when a customer’s account has been taken over or breached in real-time.

With the amount of PII data out there from hundreds of breaches, how can you be sure it’s your customer? NuDetect continuously monitors and analyzes customer’s behavioral activity every time they log in. Using passive biometrics and powerful behavioral analysis, NuData analyzes hundreds of behavioral data points to determine if it is the genuine account holder or an imposter. It cross-references this to the Trust Consortium of over 200 billion behavioral events to determine if the user is behaving like other human users in the same situation and provides a highly accurate confidence rating to enable companies to make the best decision. All this occurs in real-time with no added inputs and no friction for the customer.


  • Continuously identify anomalies in real-time
  • Account protection for all account activities
  • Risk reduction of compromised accounts
  • Targeted good user friction reduction
  • Ops cost envelopes reduction
    Protect Against

  • Brute force
  • Account harvesting
  • Password testing
  • Credential stuffing

    Looking for more in-depth information on the ways that we achieve greater security without sacrificing the user experience? Check out our 7-minute FinovateSpring live demo here.