Identify and Eliminate Bad Behavior

The NuDetect cloud holds billions of known behaviour patterns and it's risk model can be customised for each client. Such finely tuned accuracy allows you to reduce false positives.

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No Impact to Customer Experience

Invisible implementation and having an accurate knowledge of how your customers usually act allows you to provide them with a smooth user experience resulting in high conversion rates and levels of satisfaction.

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Protect Against

Automated Account Creation

Automated account creation is often a precursor to fraudulent activity such as credit card cycling and identity theft.

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Account Takeover

Account takeover fraud is a fast growing form of identity theft. Using NuDetect's behaviour profiles allows you to stop the behaviours which criminals are attempting on your site.

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Credit and Gift Card Cycling

Credit card cycling is costly and damaging to your brand. Learn how NuDetect can help reduce chargebacks and fraudulent transactions.

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Scripted Replay Attacks

Script replays usually exhibit similar behavioural patterns. Using the NuDetect cloud of known behavior profiles as part of our multi-layered risk model, allows you to protect your customers from this attack.

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